Monday, June 12, 2006

For Raehan

One more week. Give me one more week.

Last Friday I went over to the Chica's for dinner and wine to celebrate the fact that I'd made it through that week! And also just to go over to the Chica's for dinner and wine. And did I mention there was wine?

Nothing impossible, just a busy start to June. I wasn't going to mention any of it, bad or good, because I didn't want to jinx myself, but then I realized that I don't believe in jinxes anymore.

The Ex went through something, and all I'm going to say is that it was a Bad Something, about as bad as it's ever been, but that it seems to have also been a turning point and since then things seem to be going much, much better for him. Better for him, of course=better for La Famille=better for me. Yay!

Work. has. been. nuts. But hey! I get to be nuts in the comfort of my own home! And I found a neighbor girl who just started baby sitting, charges $2/hour/kid, and is perfect as afternoon coverage when I need to get in extra work but don't want to leave the kids in school all day. They get to come home and go to the park or play at home instead. Yay!

And one place they get to play is the basement, which I finally have managed to almost completely clean up so they can use it as a playroom. Still a few boxes to unpack and spare carpet to put down and cement walls to paint, but in general...Yay!

And I'm closing on the old house this Friday. Part of all the hecticnessity was getting last minute repair stuff done. But it'll be over Friday. Yay!

Oh, and here comes my Girl, down the stairs, all messy-haired in her pink pajamas that used to be mine. Yay!

But I miss you guys, and I cruised by a few of your places yesterday, and oy I've been neglectfull. I'm sorry. One more week.