Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mental illness sucks

It sucks to watch somebody you care about being destroyed, and know that there really isn't a damned thing you can do about it. It sucks to realize that you need to remove yourself emotionally so that you will be ready to deal with the things you'll need to deal with if they kill themselves, which they've threatened to do not once, but multiple, multiple times. It really sucks when you've watched the person honestly try to get better, and nothing seems to help.

It just sucks.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't this wait 6 years? (or: My Internal Dialogue)

"Katie dumped me."

"Oh, honey. I'm sorry." [Dude, you're 8. EIGHT! I am not ready to deal with the hussies. Aren't you supposed to be out eating worms or something?]

"M said he heard her talking to another boy. She told him she likes him, so she was going to dump me, and then she did."

"Well, I know your feelings are probably hurt..." [HUSSY!]


"And I just have to tell you...even though you know you're only 8, and you're not old enough to really have a 'girlfriend'..." [Especially not one who's a HUSSY!!!]


"I do think that was pretty uncool. She sounds awfully fickle. I don't think she was good enough for you." [Little hussy.]

"You're right. When she dumped me, I was going to tell her, "You are SO immature," 'cause I knew that would really make her mad, 'cause you told me about that, remember? But then I didn't, because I decided it would be mean, and I was too good for that."

"Wow." [WOW.]