Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just curious

Anyone else see "Premonition"?

Anyone else PISSED OFF by that stupid movie?


Let me just give you a piece of advice:

Movies NEVER to watch (if you haven't already made the freaking mistake of watching them) because they will just make you grind your teeth into little nubbies:
1) Requiem for a Fucking Dream
2) The Fucking Hours
3) Fucking Premonition
4) The Fucking Little Match Girl
*5) A. Fucking I. (via Canada--and YES. I knew I was forgetting one, and there it is. Fuck you and your big-ass shiny knife in my heart, Spielberg!!)
*6) The Fucking Cell (we've got a mixed vote on this one: b.e.c.k. hated it, I kinda hated it, Orange and Canada loved it. Not sure how high it really scores on my "why don't you just take my beating heart out of my body and then chop it up into little pieces poached in a nice cream sauce with glass shards and then make me eat it and by the way we're fresh out of vicodin thank you very much" scale, but better safe than sorry, dear readers.)
*7) Vanilla Fucking Sky (via Canada--I'm wondering if that also counts for "Open Your Eyes"? I saw the latter and didn't mind it--it was definitely a MF but for some reason it didn't make me want to lie down in front of a train.)
*8) Fucking Jesus Camp (via Hashbrown--haven't seen this one; having come close enough to living it, no thankee.)
*9) Left Be-Fucking-Hind (via Muse--again, haven't seen it as this was one of those books my mother's husband brought home for a great read-!!-and having started to read it I went into a nearly full-blown panic attack. Soooo I'm guessing it fits on the list.)
*10) Fucking Brazil (via Elsewhere--and her comment, btw, sums up the whole esprit of this list: "I could tell it was brilliant, and yet it made me FURIOUS." Well, ok, not so much the esprit of Fucking Premonition, but...)
*11) Pay It Fucking Forward (via b.e.c.k.--again, never saw this one. I had the impression maybe it was just sort of...well...bad. But I just googled the plot summary/ending and CRAP! PAY IT FUCKING FORWARD!!!!)

Any additions? Tell me in comments and I'll add them to the list. Please, post a fucking movie, save an imaginary friend from nubby teeth.

*And fucking Blogger template! I'll figure out the Haloscan when I have nothing better to do. Bastard.

**Mr. Raehan would seem to wish to add Fucking Crash, but I'm undecided as to whether to disqualify on the condition that he didn't actually watch the whole thing.


B.E.C.K. said...

Here's one: The (Fucking) Cell. I didn't even make it through the whole thing and I still can't forget it.

Orange said...

Heh! I kinda enjoyed "The Cell."

Kyla said...

I haven't seen ANY of those, but I feel like I have now been rescued from an awful, nubby-toothed demise.

raehan said...

I just bought the book, The Little Match Girl, last week for the girls at a used book store, forgetting how the story ended. And then to top it off, I bought another book at the exact same time where the girl dies at the end, not knowing how the story ended. Great.

Ummmm....movies. See I tend to block out memories of such things. I remember that when we watched Crash on DVD my husband said "fuck this" and walked out of the room when the gun went off at the little girl. That kind of effected the way I experienced the film.

Canada said...

I loved The Cell. And Crash - I started saying "no non no" over and over because I knew the gun was going to go off and it would be very bad. I was relieved with how it ended. (and liked it overall)

Vanilla Fucking Sky.

muse said...

Left Fucking Behind.

A hoooorrible movie about the christian rapture (the nutty christians, I should say, not the nice garden variety type): suddenly, half the people on the planet are taken by God, and all those who didn't believe enough, or not in the right God, etc. etc. (even kids) are left behind to die in plagues and war and the apocalypse. Lovely. Familes torn (when little brother Timmy didn't believe enough or mommy wasn't the right religion, etc.), people suffering because of a cruel God. I was so angry when I saw that (freebie premiere way back when) that I left the theatre after about half.

I'm getting pissed off just thinking about it again.

muse said...

P.S. your line "Dance, Squirrel, Dance" made me think of the song Little Acorns by the White Stripes... ;) And now it's stuck in my head

Hashbrown said...

Jesus Fucking Camp.
Not because it is bad or depressing but because it is the MOST FRIGHTENING MOVIE EVER!!!!! Those fundamentalist freaks are FREEKING FRIGHTENING!! I don't think I have slept well since seeing it.

elswhere said...

fucking Brazil.

I could tell it was brilliant, and yet it made me FURIOUS.

I actually liked The Hours. Go figure.

Kyla said...

OMG! A.I. how did I forget that.

I was pregnant with BubTar and the part where she left David in the woods almost killed me via full body sobs and dehydration. Good God.

B.E.C.K. said...

Oh! Oh! *Pay It Fucking Forward.* OMG.

ppb said...

Since I never watch movies, this is becoming my personal anti-netflix list.

Anonymous said...

How about otherwise fine movies that kill off a parent or child just for plot reasons? On a rare date w/ my husband we went to see the cute romantic comedy "No Reservations" and were blindsided by the death of the sister just so her little girl could come live with Catherine Zeta Jones. Couldn't the mom just have been irresponsible? Did they have to kill her? Just like "Finding Nemo": does my 4 year old have to be subjected to a scene of barracuda eating clownfish mama and babies carnage before enjoying the happy go lucky story?

Canada said...

Eyes Wide Shut. Didn't love it, more indifferent. The whole Nicole Kidman character's big secret"? That she _wanted_ to have sex with the sailor? But didn't? That was it? Meh, just lame!

Annejelynn said...

I watched Premonition on a return flight from Ireland, on our way home from honeymoon land, while my new hubby was watching something else. Nearing the end of Premonition, at one point he nudged me to let me know I was making far too much noise...muttering and scoffing over the movie's end. I was furious for the remainder of the flight home, and on our drive from LA back to Vegas, I would curse the film, out of the blue, here and there. Hateful movie - but you know that already.