Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The line is thin

Orange has cheered me, and in gratitude, I remove all references to squirrels.
(Even though I had to remove a sneaky add from the HTML.)

But still, I cannot figure out how to change the template. Orange, I tried!


Orange said...

Oh, geeze! You're writing at genius level? "Groovy-doovy" must've tipped you over the line. Or "poopy-head." Or "eeeeeeesh." Or "ayieeeee." My theory, bitchy though it may be, is that the algorithm interprets words that aren't in its dictionary as super-advanced genius vocabulary.

I mean, *I* know you're a genius, but how does that reading-level algorithm know it?

Psycho Kitty said...


Sarahlynn said...

This sucks! My blog is "elementary school" level! How did they know that I'm picking my nose and wiping the spoils on the underside of my desk?

Camera Obscura said...

Me too, sarahlynn. Maybe they just don't like our "Heartland" location or summat.

Psycho Kitty said...

When you think about it, it's a compliment to all y'all, not to me. It doesn't say I have to be a genius to write it, it says YOU have to be a genius to READ it!

Or else very, very drunk.