Monday, August 01, 2005

Things in My Head

  • Why did I let the Boy's strep culture turn into such a torture session? Why do I feel as though I'm continually failing him? Please please please please don't let me fail him.

  • I want to start running again. I would feel so much better with regular exercise.

  • Yay! School supplies! God, I love school supplies. Lunch boxes! I love lunch boxes.

  • I will kill anyone who hurts my children. I mean it.

  • I am not doing enough to stem the tide of pain and suffering in the world.

  • My god. Could my kids be any sweeter or cuter or more damned adorable? I think not.

  • Bush. Effing effing Bush!!!!!

  • Why can't I focus on my work? Focus, focus, where art thou focus?

  • Oh dear lord. Birthday party in 2 weeks. Here. In this house. This house that is a Pit of Despair!!! Must! Clean! Pit! Of! Despair!!!

  • Dangling participles, damn them, damn them.

  • Are my ovaries falling out?

  • The Ex is suspiciously happy. That's good. I am happy that he's happy. So why does it make me worry that he's happy? God, I need more therapy.

  • Accounts! Must balance accounts!

  • I am incredibly fortunate. I am incredibly fortunate. I am incredibly fortunate.