Friday, May 18, 2007


Is it odd that I've seldom had relationships with men in which I was treated with love and respect? I don't mean that as any type of dig against the other people involved, because I believe that most people do the best they can, and I think most of the people in my life have done and do the same. It's just on my mind today.

I'm overwhelmed right now, and that seems to be fairly typical. Also typical: Overwhelmed Me really notices what she's missing, even though not a lot is missing, frankly. Overwhelmed Me needs to learn how to take a breath and just accept stuff, and keep moving.

Yesterday the Boy's sister kept bugging him about this sucker that he had. They both got these suckers, those swirly, flat circle ones, and she'd eaten hers and wanted his. And when she didn't get it, she grabbed it and broke the stick. And you know, he's seven, and he'd had a long day at a field trip, and he was getting kind of hungry (so yeah, like he really needed the sucker then), and he got upset. We were sitting outside under a tree, and after screaming at her (her wise choice: run away), he started crying. We talked a little, but he sat under the tree and put his head down and cried for a minute or two, and then he went inside. And when I walked in a minute later, he was sitting with her on the couch, hugging her, and everything was fine.

Everything's pretty much always fine, isn't it?