Monday, August 11, 2008

Anyone? Anyone?

I'm debating whether I can turn this blog into a pseudonymous creation. Well, it is already, I guess. What I mean is, can I clean up some of the old posts--switch them to draft status--and commence to using this space as the blog for a more precise pseudonym, attaching it to my pen name?

I've had the "no Google" code on this site for a while, so I hope that many of the posts I would want to remove from public view would not be available in cached form, either.

I just don't think I have the gumption (or the time) to manage *another* blog. I already have a double life on Facebook, where my actual profile and my writing pseudonym's profile are friends. (It's good to be your own friend.) But I don't think I can just transfer this puppy over wholesale, as there are some posts that might either jeopardize the privacy of people I care about or be frowned upon in posts by someone marketing writing to children/young adults (who theoretically would find their way here).

Thoughts? Anyone else handle something similar?


ppolarbear said...

It's a crazy move, but I did it.
It's very easy to transfer all your files over to wordpress (also free) and then just password protect any posts that you don't want out there. They have this nifty thing where you can protect posts one at a time.

So that's what I did.
All the comments came over and everything. It was lovely. Then I decided to just password protect the whole damn blog and start a new one, but that's my level of insanity.

Sarahlynn said...

PPB, does this mean that you're not really gone, just hiding elsewhere?

Because I miss you, and all.

SBFH, I'm contemplating this as well. I don't write for kids, but . . . I already have a few blogs I participate with . . . plus Facebook and MySpace and my own website, and mothering, and writing, and everything else, and . . . ugh. So do I start a new blog once I have a saleable novel and need to have a writing blog?

What I'm tempted to do: sort of follow PPB's advice and port my blog elsewhere, keeping that as my "personal" blog, while adding my last name to Houdini and keeping that as my writing blog.

New Blog would lose some traffic, but people who really want to see pictures of my kids and hear about my marriage's therapy will find me. And the traffic is probably more important to the writing blog.

I don't know. I am still working on it. Good luck!

jo(e) said...

As my pseudonymous blog has become more and more public, I've gone back and changed some of my posts to draft status. And I'm planning to put my real name on it eventually.

When I opened a facebook account in my real name, tons of bloggers friended me right away, which means I was not nearly as pseudonymous as I thought I was.

I like the idea of only having one blog. It seems like people who try to have multiple blogs end up spreading themselves too thin.

Anonymous said...

Ha, great minds think alike, I've been struggling with my making my old blog private (I hate that)/wanting to protect my anonymity...

I've just (like, minutes ago) sent you a message about that, actually! I'm still not sure what's the best option.

The whole transferring to wordpress sounds interesting... I might look into that. Not now though, already procrastinated enough! lol