Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fill in the blanks

Some great post about working in the yard and lilacs and childhood and light and the moon and the Circle of Life--it was all right here, I tell you!

But it's sort of stuck, and my ass, it enlargeth. I need to get some exercise before it gets any later and I talk myself out of it.'ve got your preview. It'll show up, eventually.

You know what you don't want to hear? You don't want to hear the Massage Lady say, "There are three places I can work on that I have to tell you, cause excruciating pain. The other two, I have to put on gloves." Because what follows will be sounds of Not Happiness, and they will be coming from you. Dang, though, that Massage Lady knows her stuff. After the Not Happiness part comes the Thank You Jesus I Am Healed part, where your hip actually moves and stuff! Which means you will go back to the Massage Lady, even though the last thing she did was tell you where the Number 1 Excruciatingly Painful Place is..."just so you have some time to get ready." Mommy.