Thursday, April 21, 2005

Whoa, some-body teeeell me...

And if anyone knows what *that* is from, you will also know how humiliatingly easily it popped right into my head. Yowza.

Which seems to be the word of the day for me. Yoowwzaa.

So I hear from Orange and Jessica that Ayelet Waldman was on Oprah having to defend herself about the husband/children thing? Somebody tell me how that went. I sort of skimmed over to the ol' Oprah site and took a gander at the comment board, and h0-ly mackerel! Or better yet--yowza. Them was some scary commenting ladies, I tell ya. I don't think I can even describe it. Yeesh. The point being that I don't watch TV but I have this silly blogging habit and what good is it to me if you all don't catch me up on the interesting stuff I miss by being Ms. Crunchy Organic No TV Dansko Girl. (And I wish I could explain how it is that this description is absolutely accurate and totally INaccurate all at the same time. I am a Conundrum Unto Myself, people!)

Folks sure do seem to get testy with Ayelet. I don't know her or anything, but I feel a bit bad for her. When I was reading her blog, there were a few things I disagreed with her about. In particular, she dissed one of my favorite people, and I was all upset, but that person had the balls to contact her directly--how rare is that?--and Waldman admitted she'd been wrong and apologized. Which also takes some guts, IMHO. In any case, she struck me as a fairly thoughtful, even sensitive, person who felt very passionately about things, and who tended to downplay or even sort of deride her actions or her kids or the things she cared about--not because she didn't care about them, but because of that thing where you can't admit how much you adore something or are proud of something or good at something because you'll jinx yourself. Maybe it's the price of being "known", that you say something you do is self-absorbed--because you're sort of chiding yourself--or you blow off steam, or make a hasty judgment, or you reveal something that has you wondering, and everyone thinks you've just hurled an insult into the general crowd, like some verbal Molotov cocktail. And really, you're just...talking out loud.

But what do I know. Like I said, all conjecture. And she undoubtedly knew that all these things were going to be out in the public eye, so I'm likely just projecting (oh, that would be new). Still, if people took everything I said as my rock-solid opinion and then got all bent out of shape over it, or if I couldn't say what I was thinking or feeling...oy. What a nightmare. I contradict myself and say snarky shit because I'm unhappy and then agonize over it and get all uptight over things I know nothing about and have to admit later that I'm a dolt and say what I truly, passionately believe or feel myself and THANK YOU GOD no one cares or thinks I'm aiming some judgement at them. Yowza.