Tuesday, January 10, 2006

#62: Tells you things you might not wanna know

I was going to do one of those 100 things lists but I only got to 16 before I got bored with myself. So sorry, no go with the 100 things.

But I will give you this, from the TMI department: A while back Frog wrote about her Adventures with Menstrual Cups, and as we all know, I aspire to ... well, something. I don't know. Something that involves me progressively getting more and more finicky about what I stick up my yoni.

(See how much better this is going to be than that 100 things list? We're already talking about yonis!)

But anyhow, those non-bleached, naturally grown, bean-sprout tampons? Sheesh, expensive. And not so efficient. So I was quite interested in Frog's narrative. And after a few months of contemplation, I'm pleased to tell you (though I imagine you might be somewhat less pleased to be told) that I made a stop at the co-op and picked up a Diva Cup. And to think when I was in high school I was too embarrassed to buy tampons.

The really funny part was me lying on the floor at 6:00 am today, with my legs akimbo, trying to get the damned thing to release its suction or whatever it has to do to get in the ... erm ... correct position. Okay, the Chica nearly blowing coffee out her nose when I told her about it was pretty funny, too. "It sort of reminded me," I told her, "of college, when Jeannie and her friend Jo and I used to get really drunk and lie around on the floor trying to queef The Star-Spangled Banner."

Thing About Me #73: I cannot queef The Star-Spangled Banner. But that doesn't mean I haven't tried.