Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What, so soon?

Yesterday my son--my 6-year-old son--shunned me at the bus stop. His sister and I walk down to meet him when he gets off the school bus. The stop isn't far, but it isn't in sight of the house, either. To get to our house, he has to walk about a block to the end of our street, and then walk down our street to the house. It is safe, and there are other kids making the walk, too, but you know. He's SIX.

Yesterday we were just within shouting distance of the stop when the bus pulled up and the Boy got out with a few other boys on our street. He looked up, saw us, ran a few steps toward me, stopped, cupped his hands to his mouth, and yelled,

"Mom! Go home! Turn around and go home! Please?"