Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I've been rather short with the Girl lately, and I don't like it.

But let me first say, and I know this is eye-rolling-worthy, but it's absolutely true: You have No. Idea. how cute she is. I mean, the kid is Cute (tm). In fact, every interaction with pretty much every adult, in passing or otherwise, ends with them saying, "Ohhhhhh, she's so cute!"

This is getting dangerous. I mean, she gets away with shite (away from home) because of The Cuteness. Which is not a message we want to send to her little brain. Because you send that message, the next thing you know you get not just The Cute, but you get The Bratty. Not good.

Anyway, though, I am being too short with her, and that's not good. You know that thing where you hear your voice coming out of your body, and it's the Voice of Criticism? I don't like that voice.

Last week, a client actually said to me, "You know what your special gift in this world is? You are so calm! You can stay so calm and keep everyone else calm...it's amazing." And boy, did I get a good laugh outta that one. Hooboy.

We'll probably get our first snow today. S gave me an piece of extra carpeting she didn't want, and I put it in the basement, so we now have Unfinished Basement Playroom, complete with $5 Home De(s)pot painted concrete walls (sadly, they look a bit institutional, but can painted concrete ever not? I think I need to buy some funky spraypaint and get abstract), carpet-remnant carpeting, futon, blackboard painted-art table (formerly the second-hand table the Ex and I acquired when we first got hitched) and chairs, and all the toys and art stuff. I am ready to deal with Kids Stuck Indoors.