Friday, October 06, 2006

Approaching normalcy

Which is to say, pretty much back in the saddle. I'm wondering if last week's Mood Swing Bonanza was my bod's new middle-age reaction to stress? I realized on Saturday that the way I was feeling was pretty much exactly how I had felt (increasingly) for the year leading up to my stint on Lexapro. If you'll recall, that fun Depressive Episode exhibited itself much more as anxiety and high emotion than as mopey moping. And said depression was generally agreed (by the docs) to be caused by stress. So. Maybe a promotion, the ex's breakup with his fiance, and a disagreement with the landscaper was enough stress to throw me into a bit of a tailspin. Possibly.

Kind of along the lines of the way I work (in an overall sense), as soon as I realized this, I started feeling better. Although I still am not exactly pleased about where I am life-strategy-coping-wise, I do feel more myself this week. I think I can say that other than eating a half pan of rice krispie treats (damn their marshmallowy goodness!), things are coming around. I've actually managed to accomplish a few tasks around the house and on the job, as well as put some increased exercise into the schedule, and I think I'm going to pony up and go back on the Weight Watchers for a month (I'd gotten cheap and gone off it as I wasn't really following it very well, but now that I'm exercising more I have the bad feeling I'm also noshing more, which doesn't exactly equate with the goal of losing weight). If The Anxious comes back or seems to be lurking around after a few more weeks, I'll ask the doc about it; it's about time for my annual prodding anyway, and I should have my cholesterol and all that crap checked as well.

On a completely non-related subject, the Boy was wondering what instrument he might learn to play. The piano seemed a logical choice, seeing as how we have one, and I also pointed out to him that "Chicks dig a guy who plays the piano." "What?" he said, doing that eyebrow thing we in this family do so well, "Chicks dig? What does that mean?" And when I explained, "EWWWWW!! Mo-om! No way am I playing the piano, then." And then he started giggling.

And here's something that I have to write down so I never forget how cute it is to me: The Girl pointing out that there's "none more". "Only one more, Mama! Ohoh, now none more. There's just none more for you, sorry!"