Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

For those of you who thought the Girl was insulting bugs, she was actually being naughty to the blog. Yes, usually I would tell her not to say "Stupid Head," but she sort of caught me off guard.

Now, she's become so enamored of hearing herself insult the Internet, that she keeps begging to play with the blog. And since we were on the subject of freaky dreams, I thought you'd enjoy a preview of the future Queen's subconcious. The Girl's dream, as told to me at 2:30 this morning (translation following) :

this is an audio post - click to play

"My at da zoo, and my sittin wit da lion, and my cryin and cryin. My did cry cause my did want Papa! Any my did cry and den my did watch da show, and da bunny did play da whistle and da birdy did play da gi-tar, and den Papa did come and put da car on da bunny. An my was sad. And da train did go up an down an up an down an it did go so, so, so slow!!"

O-kay, then. Who's bringing the birthday cake?