Friday, September 29, 2006

Buck up, little camper

You know what?

One, you guys are so kind; thanks for the encouragement. I had trouble getting that post to publish last night and I finally gave up, thinking it was stuck in edit-land, and then this morning I wasn't actually too sorry about that, seeing as how it was the Majorly Whiney Post of 2006, but oh well, there it was. But thank you, really.

And two, somebody around here just needs to suck it up, and since it's just me around here I'm guessin' that by somebody I mean me. So, I say, time to subjugate, or sublimate, or subliminate, or sub-something-ate, which is to say, I need to just find something else to do with all ... this. Something which will further me along the path to betterness instead of just getting crumbs all over the couch. Time to throw myself into some worthwhile pursuit! Nose to the grindstone! Elbow to the wheel! Hand to the plowshare! Or whatever, you get it. Something more effective than moping around and making you read about it.

Smooch. At least I have you, dear Internets.