Friday, September 28, 2007

Ayieeeee! !!!!

Of course just when I'm feeling care-free and sassy because I laughed in the face of West Nile after the Boy's soccer practice and let him--nay, verily ENCOURAGED him--HELPED him, even!--catch tadpoles in the mucky pool that formed at the bottom of the soccer field...

Brain. Eating. Amoebas.

[Obviously, that should be Brain-Eating. Amoebas. There aren't mutant brains running around gobbling up amoebas. But the correct grammar just doesn't properly convey my sense of dread and despair.]

Dear god. Is there no end of things over which I must lie awake at night?


Kyla said...

Creepy. So creepy.

Orange said...

Good gravy, woman, you need not fret about Naegleria. What is the source of the water on the soccer field? Is it a natural source of warm freshwater? Are there geysers about? I doubt the tadpole puddle qualifies as "bodies of warm freshwater, hot springs, and thermally-polluted water such a water around power plants." And just two to three cases a year in the entire United States?

Better to worry about—no, no. I won't do it. I won't plant seeds of doom in your fertile imagination.

B.E.C.K. said...

Oh, I so get it. I can worry myself into a clinical panic attack if I'm not careful. But Orange is wise and you (we! ahem) should listen to her. ;^)

Psycho Kitty said...

But see, guys, you're talking to someone who spent 10 years married to a Walking Land Mine. Observe the things that happened to this member of my family, and why I might have a touch of the paranoid about being the "1 out of 1000":
Motorcycle accidents (going less than 10 miles/hour):3
Car accidents (not caused by self): 2
Titanium body parts inserted: 2
Attacked by gangs: 2
Stabbed with sword: 1
Strange, rare viral diseases: 1
Strange, unidentifiable lung disease: 1
Ulcers: 3
Deathly allergies: 2
Fell of cliff: 1
Knocked unconscious falling down stairs: 1
Fractured wrists: 2
Chipped tooth: 1
Busted eardrum: 1
Chased by shark: 1
Blown up: 1

Brain-eating amoebas? All in a day's work in this gene pool.

Belle said...

Holy mackrel! That is one list of unlikelies! How did any of you survive? Did the Boy inherit any of this disaster-in-human-form's genetic pre-diposition to catastrophe?