Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Boy Reporter

The Boy's report on African animals. Read it and weep. The bold parts are his contributions to this "fill in the blank" homework project:

"My report is about the hippos. This animal lives in Africa. This animal eats grass and hay. This animal can be very mean. What a grouchy animal!"
Finally, finally, I got my hair cut. "Isn't it short and sassy?" I said to the Boy. "Am I not just completely short and sassy now?" "Noooo, Mama," he corrected me. "You are TALL and sassy. If you were SHORT and sassy, you would be me."
At 9:00a.m. today, it was snowing. At 4:00p.m., it was 60 degrees. I love this place. (No, I really do.) But...Spring is coming. Every year I get excited about its approach, because every year I conveniently forget what happens in the Spring. Remember "Centennial"? Remember the lady out in the cabin on the plains, with all the children, and the wind blew and blew and blew and blew and blew and she went totally completely utterly nuts?