Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Graceful, just like his Mama

The roller rink was a success. And by "success", I mean that the Boy enjoyed himself. Although his teacher's greeting to me this afternoon began with the words "If you notice a lot of bruises..."

Yeah, I've heard that one before. A lot.

Later, I got to hear about how his friend, Maddie, was willing to sacrifice herself to save him. "We were skating, and we were headed for the wall, and I couldn't stop, and I hollered 'MADDIE!" and I closed my eyes, and she jumped in front of the wall so I wouldn't hit it!" Granted, they were probably going all of .00001 mile per day, but have I mentioned how big my Boy is? He's 4 feet tall, people. He's a 4' tall, 60-pound 5 year old. I bet I know the first words that Maddie's dad heard this afternoon.

"If you notice a lot of bruises..."