Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another day, another hobby

So now I'm KNITTING!

Oooh, it is so zen.

I am making a scarf. I ran into an acquaintance today at the pool; the kids are taking swim lessons (they swim! they use up all their youthful energy! they throw massive hysterical fits if I do not then shovel food into their faces with 2.2 minutes of their emergence from the pool!) and I was sitting in the lobby, knitting my scarf. "I took a class last year," she said, "so basically, I can make a dishcloth." "Groovy," I told her, holding up my project, "I can make an elongated dishcloth."

Last night, I knitted and watched the copy of "The Thin Man" I'd grabbed from the library. I love those movies. I want to be half of a rich and drunken and witty detective team! Ahh, those were the days. Plus, watching those old movies always sort of throws me back to my teenage years, when we lived in this tiny, rundown house out in the middle of nowhere, and my grandmom gave me a little portable black-and-white TV for my very own, and all I could get on it were PBS and the local ABC affiliate, all fuzzy, and I'd stay up late when I couldn't get to sleep, which was most of the time, and watch old movies on PBS.

I don't where this is going. Except! It bugs me to heck that all the sequels make it sound as though Nick Charles is the Thin Man, when it was actually one of the other characters in the original movie that was the Thin Man. Dang it!

Not that I'm, you know, neurotic enough to care. Or anything.