Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Terms of Endearment

I realized something tonight, as I hung up from talking with my friend Sally. (Who, by the way, can stage a house like nobody's business. If you're from around here and you ever want your house to kick. ass? You call me and I'll tell you how to get hold of Sally. Plus? She spent two nights over here staging the hell out of the place and drinking wine and looking up our horriscopes on the Internet, and she didn't charge me a red cent. She's a Goddess.)

So, this was the end of the conversation:
Me: Okay, sweets, have a good night.
Her: Talk to you soon, my love.
Me: K, bye hon.

Maybe it's because I'm from the south originally? I don't know. But there it is: I'm a sweetheart-er. A honey-er. A sugarpie-er. And the majority of my friends are, if not also confectionary talkers, nicknamers. Jeannie always calls her close friends by either their last name or their initials. The Chica...well, okay, let's not use the Chica as an example cause we just have the psychic bond at this point and don't even talk, we just do that beginning a sentence and then nodding at the other person thing. But my conversations and even emails with friends are well-seasoned with hons and darlin's and sweets and sugars. And the kids! Depending on the moment, either of them could end up being my punkin, bean, sweetpea, butter, suggie, hon, lovey, darlin, doll, bunny, or pie. Is it any wonder I need to get more exercise?


More blogroll work. I've added some new people that are just awesome, too: Tessa and AJWP--both have ways with words that leave me green, but hey, green looks good on me.


Remember that little fluffball of a kitten that we got back in August? The teeny, tiny, Yoda-eared bitty kitty?

Guess who turns out to be a Maine Coon?

My lord, you should see the size of her. It's like Attack of the 50-Foot Cat. She isn't yet a year old and she's nearly as big as our Big Marshmallow Psycho Kitty Cat, that 16-pound fluff bucket who always gets a double-take when new folks walk in the door. I guess we are just not destined to do petite around here.