Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scarf o' TERROR!!

I'm nearly finished with my scarf! The project that will be finished and that will justify the purchase of at least one set of knitting needles.

Shellie and the girls were over this afternoon, and I showed her the scarf. "Okay," I prefaced the presentation, "It's only the second thing I've knitted ever, so if you think it's really ugly, just lie about it. Got it? Lie like a rug."

"No," Shellie said, "I like it. I don't think it's ugly at all."

Just then her youngest ran up. Youngest is almost 2. "Look, Youngest," Shellie said, "See PK's scarf?"

And here's where I'm sorry that this isn't a photoblog: If you could've seen the look on that kid's face. It was a look of sheer horror--clenched jaw, wide eyes, drawn-down lips, head shake.

"Lie, Youngest," I said gently yet seriously, while Shellie rolled around in hysterics on the sofa, "You're supposed to lie."