Tuesday, March 21, 2006

TV sucks

But then, we knew that.

So, we got the absolutel minimal number of cable channels possible when we moved. Why get any at all? Well, my mom enjoys watching football and news, so we had to get something, and this package actually saves me enough on my Internet that it all evens out.

Ok, I like "Lost". And reruns of old sitcoms I used to watch. But for the most part, the damned thing stays off. I'm on the lookout for a funky standing screen to put in front of it so that I can pretend it isn't there.

So today, in a moment of boredom, I turned the thing on. Here's where I get totally disgusted: Have y'all seen that awful Brinks ad? Where the guy leaves for work, and the wifey goes back in the huge house, and then the seemingly innocent jogger breaks down the door but oh, thank goodness, she's turned on the alarm the second she went back inside so she's saved!

I hate this ad so much I can't even articulate it properly. What the hell? Little rich wifey has to lock herself away all day in her castle because there are BAD MEN waiting to get her. And the husband never says a word in this thing, he just stands around being protective. Ugh. Where's the wife who kicks the bad guy's ASS? That's the ad I want to see. Stupid Brinks. I hate it when people sell fear.