Sunday, August 06, 2006

Change your channels, or, Surrender the Pink!!

Hey, if you are totally addicted to Catherine Newman's gorgeous heart-rending wacky ever-pink-lovin' column over at BabyCenter, and you're all broken up over it ending, don't totally despair because 1) she has a new monthly column in "Wondertime" magazine and 2) she is a total doll and all that despair would probably make her feel bad, and then I would have to smack you. And then I'd feel bad. And then it would be a Carnival of Badness and that would be, well, bad.

You have to look for the Dalai Mama column under the parent-to-parent section. Their navigation is a bit wacky (or else I am, a possibility we should never rule out) and there didn't seem to be a way to simply access archives of the column; I had to look under the "more in parent to parent" link to find the earlier column and I'm not sure how many they'll archive online, but there appear to be two available at the moment. So hie thee over there.

Edited to add: Oh yay! And she will also have a weekly blog column.