Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hall of Shame

On the way home from dropping off the kids at day school, the theme song from "Titanic" came on the radio and prompted me to ponder what a sap I am. So, since I'm all about the full disclosure, here is my Hall of Shame (#1): Top 10 Movies That Should Make Me Nothing but Cynical and Yet Reduce Me to Tears Every Single Stupid Time. Don't hate me for being a complete dork, I beg you.

Note that these aren't the only movies that make me cry; these are just the ones that I'm embarassed about crying over. For example, I cry over It's a Wonderful Life every single Christmas, but I'm not embarassed about it. But crying over a dorky remake with C. Thomas Howell? That would be embarassing. Crying when I read The English Patient? Oh, but of course. Crying over the totally overblown and muddied/Hollywood-ized movie version? Oh, the shame of it.

If I listed all the movies that made me cry, you would be sitting there reading all damned day.

Somewhere in Time
The Incredible Journey
The English Patient
Minority Report
Hanover Street
Brother Bear
The Lion King