Friday, September 15, 2006


I dream about tornadoes, and at some point in each dream, I say to myself, Wow. I can't believe I'm finally seeing a tornado, and it isn't just a dream. What does this mean?

I want things now. Or not. Depends.

I'm going to Atlanta in December, for my uncle's surprise birthday party. I haven't seen my extended family for 20 years. Unless you count 5 minutes at the airport once. Which I don't.

The Boy's nose might be broken. We'll find out Monday. Playground. Metal bar. Face. You know the drill.

In the papers he brought home today was a sheet about helping. How would you handle the specified situation so that everyone was happy? The questions don't really matter, but his answers are telling:
1. Take terns
2. Take terns
3. You your sister you your sister you your sister you get it (or not, there was a question mark from the teacher next to that one)
4. Take terns
5. Take terns

He's good at taking turns. It's the other options for compromise that allude him at the moment. We're working on it. He'll get it.

There was a bear in the parking lot of the grocery store across the street from the Girl's preschool today, so the kids didn't get to play outside (nor after school; the preschool is only a mile from the house and they hadn't caught Gentle Ben yet, go ride your little bikes around like the Big Bear Pizza Delivery service, kids, I think not).

There are some teenagers wandering around drunk out back now, from some party somewhere nearby, I don't know where. I must be getting old because they do not amuse me. Maybe they'll amuse the bear.