Friday, September 22, 2006

Sucking at regular posting for nearly 2 years

But seriously, it's been NUTS around here. Blah blah blah, like you're all living in the lap of leisure, I know, I know.

I posted that last post and then I hated it because that? That's Drama Queen Me. And I am soooo trying not to be a drama queen anymore. Usually, if you were here, you'd think I was less like the old Calgon chick and more like the chick in those other commercials, where everyone else is all on speed everywhere and she's just hanging out eating that piece of chocolate. Isn't it chocolate? Dude, don't ask me.

I think I had a dream last night about the purple skirt I had in high school. Man, it was so Laura Ashley. No, that isn't right. But it was something like that. One of those 80s purple cordorouy-ish mid-calf length skirts. I loved that skirt.

I really like the Boy's second-grade teacher. Man, karma is making it up to him for kindergarten, is all I can say.

I own this and I know you're jealous. Try not to be jealous.

It's getting to be Autumn people. I am totally on board with AJWP--Fall. Rocks. I can start knitting again pretty soon. Maybe tonight! Maybe while I watch Ghost Whisperer! Feel the excitement just BUSTING out all over!

S and I have started walking in the mornings at, like, 6 am. Nothing starts the day off right like an hour freezing your tush off with a good friend, especially one with that crazy dry British wit. Still living the myth, I tell you.

Peaches. Canned. Cobblered. All done. Farewell, oh Peachy Season.

I feel like sending cards. Crazy cards that make no sense. Want a card? Email me.

My son thinks it is gross to eat your dessert with the same fork you used to eat your dinner. Yet he eats boogers. Does anyone else see the irony here?

I think that's everything.