Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Virtual Discord

Ack. My imaginary friends can't even get along. WTF? Next thing you know, Hugh Jackman's gonna start getting a little friendly with Keanu Reeves in Fantasy World. Or, you know, Keanu will talk or something. Not good, people, not good.


Ayelet Waldman said...

Oh my god, that post is so funny. I love that. "My virtual friends can't get along!!!!" But it's good, it's GOOD! Don't you think? I mean, that's the point. We have to behave like we do IRL and have regular snippy exchanges, weepy reconcilliations, etc.

Keanu, ick. You know who I LOVE?? Clive Owen. And even better -- the guy from House of Flying Daggers, Takeshi Kaneshiro. I feel like a lecherous old woman when I look at him.

Psycho Kitty said...

Ok, I would defend Keanu, except...well...yeah. He was just a post-divorce rebound fling kinda thing. Which makes me sound like a 13-year old girl. Except that most 13-year old girls are probably getting more nookie than I am, so don't go makin' *that* mistake.

Oh, hello, Clive Owen. He is rather tasty. Takeshi Kaneshiro is a cutie, but I don't know, he does look a little young. I might scar him for life. Although I do admit that I spent about 15 minutes last summer thinking about what a little hottie that Harry Potter is turning out to be. Yeesh.