Friday, February 18, 2005

VITriol, anyone?

To go off an entirely different tangent from what I usually blab about... me at the response to this new "corporate" blog. This is an interesting situation. It's a technical publication with primarily technical content, including several very technical blogs--and this blog. I'm assuming the primary readership of this site is male. Is that sexist of me? I can pretty much guarantee the primary readership is male. But that might be sort of this blog getting slammed because 1) it's a "editorial" style blog on a technical site, 2) it's a "feminist" style blog on a male-dominated site, 3) it's being force-fed to people who subscribe to the site's RSS feed purely to get technical info, 4) it's too "personal" to be on a "corporate" site, 5) the author doesn't seem particularly technical herself, and so far hasn't really written about specifically applicable examples from a tech worker standpoint, 5) other? Looking at the comments, there already seems to be a sort of pro/con dynamic going on...Hmmm.
I can say right off I don't like the blog format, and the site itself--ugh. Usability, anyone? But the content...the content I'm not sure about. I don't know, the whole thing just muddles me.