Tuesday, October 11, 2005

PK needs to make up for lost time

Seen at Frog's, the Need Meme, from Googling "PK needs"...

PK needs a IRC server or something. [Obviously, I am not editing these.]
PK needs emphasis in Year 2 or 3.
PK needs to respect other keepers.
PK needs to go. [Actually, I'm okay, thanks.]
PK needs a plane renewal.
PK needs to conform. [Good luck with this one!]
PK needs a private key.
PK needs at most ~O( XY + E( XY )) per edge insertion. [Hell if I know what this means, but it sounds promising. And nasty. Yay!]
PK needs to clarify what they mean by “reaching beyond denominational barriers to demonstrate the power of biblical unity.” [Or not.]
PK needs to host a poker tourney. [I think this fits in nicely with the biblical unity.]
PK needs help. [Don't we all, honey.]
PK needs the Power of Oil! [I knew I was gonna have trouble with that edge insertion.]

I could have gone on forever...you'd be sooo surprised at what I need, apparently.