Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tonsils the size of a planet

The Boy is doing fine. His tonsils and adenoids were indeed huge, and after the surgery, while he was still asleep, I heard him breath silently for the first time in his life.

He handled it like a trooper. The doctor said, "When we went to give him the anesthesia, he started to negotiate, but a couple of whiffs and the negotiations ended." He woke up about an hour later and didn't quit eating ALL DAY. They kept him overnight because they wanted to have him on an IV drip, in case he got stubborn about drinking, which I guess a lot of kids that age do, but all the nurses ended up laughing about it. "Sheesh," said one, "the poor kid's gonna be peeing every 5 minutes between that thing and the million popsicles he keeps sucking down."

So now we're home, and other than complaining that his throat feels "all clogged up", you'd never know he had surgery a mere 24 hours ago. It's going to be fun trying to keep this kid quiet all week. I'm so glad!