Sunday, October 23, 2005

Why I love him even though the incessant whining and wailing and moaning has been driving me batshit

So yes, he's been totally spoiled (notice the smooth use of the passive there) during his week of Pain and Suffering (tm). I cleared out Barnes & Noble--and if you have a kid (or a grownup) who likes dinosaurs, you must have this book--and the Ex and Monica came through with these little beauties. One of these comes with an octopus, and the Boy took it with him into the shower last night.

B: This octopus should have a leg here [pointing to a spot between two of the octopus' legs] and here [ditto] and here [ditto] and here....
Me: But octopuses [octopii? Hand me that Tylenol with codeine again] only have eight legs, hon.
B: Nuh-uh! They have 1000 legs!
Me: No, babe, only eight.
B: [staring at me as though I've lost my mind] Then why do they call it "1000 LEGS UNDER THE SEA"?????