Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stranger than strange

So here's what I did yesterday: Met the Ex and his new girlfriend and the kids for coffee. And here's the strange part: It was fine. I like her; she seems very sweet. And she had excellent shoes. She's quite a bit younger than him (and me), but she didn't seem so young in person. And she was lovely with the kids, and they like her very much. The Girl talks about "my friend Monica" all the time. And no, that isn't her real name.

So she, according to the Ex, was stressed beyond belief to meet me, which amused me no end because I am, like, the least stress-inducing person I know. But I told her that as long as she was good to my kids, she never needed to worry about me.

And it was fine. Really. I was fine. I actually felt happy for him, and happy that this person is kind to my kids. And it's all good. How strange.