Friday, May 12, 2006

And what I can

Do I want to open this can of worms? What the hell, it is a small can.

I was talking to the Fabulous J about the whole weight issue, and she mentioned that she had joined Weight Watchers online. I belonged to WW in college, during my post-bulimic weight gain bonanza. I've thought about it again recently, but man. Those meetings drive me batshit.

But now you can join online and never talk to a soul! Brilliant! So ... yeah, I went ahead and did it. I always have respected that company's approach in that you deal with real food and real life and although it's all very listy, I love a good list. So, we'll see.

Also, I am now hooked on Buffy. I know, what took me so long. People, I didn't have TV reception. But that is why God made Netflix.

Oh, and I took the Girl and her friend to see the Wiggles live a while back, and wow. Those guys earn every penny. I was not as fond of them as the Girl was, finding them somewhat bland in an overzealous way, but they put on a dang good live show--how much coffee did those guys drink before that show? And they genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves and had a good ensemble thing going on. Plus, when the Girl looked at Captain Feathersword, her face lit up like she was gazing on the holy host.

Yep. Worth every penny.