Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Like living in a sitcom, or, Kids are weird

Scene: The bathroom
The Boy is using the toilet in what he now insists on referring to as "the buttroom" because, as he accurately points out, "there's no bath in here."
B: Mom, can you come here!
Me: [Suspecting the typical begging to have his butt wiped] Whaaat.
B: Mom, I really need you to come here! I need you to get the key, unlock the door, open the door, and come in so I can talk to you!
Me: Hrm. [after opening the door] What do you need?
B: Mother. Please turn off the light. It makes it easier for me to finish my thoughts.
Me: Okaaay. [switching off the light]
B: Thank you. Now, go on and close the door. Goodbye.

Scene: The couch
I'm reading Dr. B's retelling of her PK's midnight adventure with cheese. I begin laughing.
G: What you laughin', Mama?
Me: I'm laughing at Dr. B's little boy, PK.
G: I wanna laugh at him! I wanna laugh at him!
Me: Go ahead, then.
G: Ahahaaaaaa!

Scene: The Boy's bed, last night
I'm cuddling with the Boy for a bit as he tries to go to sleep. He's been tossing and turning, complaining that it's TOO HOT IN HERE!
B: [sighing] I wish I could take off my skin, without it being all bloody and gross. I wish I could take off my skin, and then I'd be soooo nice and COOL.

Scene: The living room
The Girl dancing around, waving her arms and turning in circles, with the occasional somersault thrown in.
G: [singing] Preeetty, pretty, preeeetty. Pretty, pretty. Mama? Am I goin to haf lotsa birfdays? I wanna saaaaaay "rootbeer". Rootbeer. Roooootbeeeeer.