Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What you say?

Today is "Author Tea" for the Boy's 1st-grade class, in which we will have cookies and tea and listen to the kids read from the poetry journals they've been creating all year. God, I love elementary school.

The change in my Boy from last year to this is astounding--so astounding I forget sometimes to get down on my knees and say THANK YOU on a daily basis. Is it because of the improvement in his sleep after having his tonsils/adenoids out? In the change in my own mood management? His wonderful teacher? The passage of time? The excellent play therapy? I don't know, and I don't care. Likely all of these things in some combination.

Sometimes, I forget to tell you how friggin' funny and gorgeous he is. It's easier to see that in the Girl, because there isn't as much wildness distracting me from it.

For example. Here's the conversation the Boy and I had on the way to pick up his sister the other day:

Me: So, we could kill two birds with one stone.
B: What? What does that mean?
Me: Ah, it's a saying. You know what sayings are, right, you've studied them in school?
B: Yes!
Me: Okay. Well this saying means, to accomplish two things with one action. For example, your teacher needs to clean up her classroom, and she also needs to find a consequence for the kids who've been kind of naughty. If she has those kids put the chairs up and pick up the room, she's killing two birds with one stone--she's accomplishing both things at once. See?
B: Oh! Yeah! [thinking pause] But why do you kill the bird? With a stone?
Me: Well, I guess it comes from back in the days when people used to actually eat certain types of birds, and they used to hunt them with slingshots. You wouldn't actually do that.
B: I think it's mean to kill the bird, though. You should say, "hurt two birds with one stone."
Me: Good point.
B: Or, you should say, "Hurt one bird with one stone, and throw a couch at another bird! [laughing] Naaaahhhh. That doesn't make ANY sense!