Thursday, April 27, 2006

The mistress of all evil

Oh help me, someone is obsessed with "Sleeping Beauty"....

"Mama, I'm pokin' this through there, and it's very bad for you, cause you have big fingers. But it isn bad for me or my brudder, cause we have liddle fingers. So, sorry."

New favorite book for the Girl: "The Witch Who Wanted to Be a Princess". You can't really tell from the front material, but take this line: "And since I, through my eyes, see myself as beautiful, that is how I am. Beautiful! The wart stays! And I'm glad. I've grown quite attached to it." You go, Lois G. Grambling!

And shamelessly stolen from Raehan, a look into the Girl's pscyhe:
I AM: a princess. (oh dear lord)
I WANT: a drink.
I WISH: a star.
I HATE: Star Wars. They're not people. And I hate the bad witch. No, I don't hate the bad witch. Because it's just a movie. (At first she said she hated her friend T, and I said, Honey! We don't hate people. And she said, but he goes "Naah nah nah" at me! And I said, Still.)
I MISS: my Papa.
I FEAR: the dark.
I HEAR: a paper.
I WONDER: paper. No. It's really true. (okaaaaay)
I REGRET: saying I hated my friends.
I AM NOT: paper.
I DANCE: paper. (I'm sensing a theme here.)
I SING: songs.
I CRY: about um, the bad witch.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: crabby. (Really? News to me.)
I CONFUSE: a question.
I NEED: a snack.
I SHOULD: have a snack.
I START: a game.
I FINISH: my homework.
I TAG: my brother.

("Is that all the questions? Let's play that game again. But it's really hard. But let's play that game again. Oh! I missed that soccer ball. I missed that silly soccer ball! It's just a little ball...")