Thursday, April 27, 2006

No carrots

By popular demand, the Boy's answers:
I AM: a Lego.
I WANT: every single Lego in the whole entire world.
I WISH: that everybody would do what I say.
I HATE: celery. (which I just put in the soup. Great.)
I MISS: my Uncle Fred.
I FEAR: that my sister's going to pretend to be a monster and scare me one day. (G: "No! I'm the BAD WITCH!")
I HEAR: the movie. (Guess which one. Go ahead. Guess.)
I WONDER: if the world is ever gonna die.
I REGRET: throwing A's backpack. (Something he did at school today. Oy.)
I AM NOT: scary. I am cool.
I DANCE: not.
I SING: Star Wars.
I CRY: for my Mama. (awwwww)
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: nothing. An "A".
I CONFUSE: A with M. (? A is a boy and M is a girl. So again, I say, "?")
I NEED: to go to sleep.
I SHOULD: be Master of All the World and Every Single Place That Has Life On It.
I START: to invent things.
I FINISH: building my new Bionicle.