Sunday, January 30, 2005

And another Betty for my list

Here's what peeves me about the Buster Baxter fiasco:

"Many parents would not want their young children exposed to the lifestyles portrayed in the episode."

WTF? Okay, I haven't seen the episode in question (and I'm not likely to have the chance, the way PBS is caving in), but--it's Buster Baxter. What kind of "exposure" does this small, small-minded little woman think is going to take place? The parents are just *there*. And god forbid children of lesbian or gay couples should feel, I don't know--included? Like their lives and their families mean something?

I'm sure this woman probably doesn't want young children exposed to my lifestyle, either--Divorced Woman! Don't you think she thinks people like me are harlots? Oh, I'll just bet she does. And if you don't--you're kidding yourself. [Note: Okay, my mouth got ahead of brain here--no big surprise--as the woman was a divorced mother herself. But you know, that really just makes me all that more pissed at her. See next paragraph for case in point.]

Guess what? I don't want my young children exposed to my lifestyle! I wish they had the good fortune to be "exposed" to parents who exhibited the type of mutually supportive marriage that my lesbian friend has. Unfortunately, what they got was the type of heterosexual marriage in which the father takes off with another mom he met while dropping the kids off at daycare. Oh, yes, much, much preferable to those heathen homosexual unions. God forbid my kids should be exposed to these nice women and their children, living happily in Vermont. Because they might realize just what short shift they got from their own screwed up, straight parents.

Does this woman not have something more important to tend to--like maybe fixing the educational system or something? BETTY. Ms. Spellings, bite me.

Back to the laundry.