Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Just like life...

It's things like this and this that cause me to pull down kid photos and, more neurotically, finally spring for a "Home Protection System". Yes, folks, I'm joining the ranks of the electronically armed. I give it a week for the kids to set off the alarm 50 times before I yank it out by the wires.

Truth be told, the main selling point is the lovely little chime alarm that sounds when a door opens. The Girl, she thinks she is the Prisoner of Zenda. After restarting my heart for the fifth time because I left the room to do something and came back a minute later to find her gone and imagined all sorts of tragic outcomes before finally finding her hiding in the closet--I like the chimes. Our neighborhood is fairly safe at the moment, but when I really get it going, my ability to freak myself out knows no bounds. Yay, me.

In other blogging news, I was sad, and now I am happy. Don't ask me why, but I just like people to get along. Well, the people I like, at least. God, I'm lame. Group hug.

Even more unrelated and even more lame (if that is possible), Profgrrrrl's most recent post** has me feeling confessional. (No, wait, that isn't an adjective, it's a noun. Or is that a baptismal? What do I do for a living? Oy.) Geeky true fact about me: When I get stressed out, I find it very calming to doodle cursive letters. Remember back in grade school, when you had to practice the upper and lower case cursive letters over and over? Yeah, that. I just get the nicest pen I can find around me and practice my penmanship. Well, I'm sure you've heard weirder, right. Right? Um...right?? Oh, go away.

**And by the way, I meant not that Profgrrrrl's post was lame, but that I am lame.


Wanna Be PhD said...

I like buying new pens and new notebooks. Whenever I have a new pen, I keep writing my name and the alphabet over and over. Then I take out all my other pens and write my name in order to compare the new pen to the old ones.

trisha said...

When I am nervous I read blogs.

Glad your imaginary friends are on tha same page.

~profgrrrrl~ said...

writing with a good pen can be very soothing.

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