Sunday, January 02, 2005

Don't ask, just do it

If you're a woman at or over the age of, oh, 34, go here now.
I dare you to download that song (about the middle of the page), turn that bad boy up, dance around your living room--and then tell me that didn't feel fan-friggin-tastic.

Assuming, that is, that no one catches you doing it.

Laughing at yourself required; satin tights optional.


New Kid on the Hallway said...

OMG, I **looooooved** Wonder Woman! I used to spin around like she did and part of me really hoped that I was going to magically transform into her. Sigh. Totally awesome.

jo(e) said...

My kids went back to school today so it's the first time I've been home alone in the house in well over a week. So it was the perfect morning to dance to the Wonder Woman theme song. Couldn't find my satin tights, though. Darn.

trisha said...


Did you catch the photo of WW and her sister, Wonder Girl? IMDb says that the sister is Debra Winger!!!! No way!

I liked Isis better. I think I'll do the "Oh, Mighty Isis...Isis...Isis....Isis" thing, too.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm a guy and I'm only 32, but......THANKS!!
That link was awesome. I'm sitting here at work, bored stiff, and all of a sudden I hit the link and the song started playing automatically and there she was!
Wonder Woman is HOT!