Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Clearing the air

After that last post, I feel I need to rebuild my calm, mild-mannered demeanor. It's just that
I have such a hard time reconciling myself: Bitch or Buddha? I so admire people who radiate that centered calm and goodwill on a continuous basis. I'd love to be like that. My inner smartass just keeps getting in the way. There I sit all goodness and love and she just barges in and starts ordering drinks and watching bad cable. But I know, I know--it's all about the imperfection. I'm all over the imperfection, I tell ya.

At the acupuncturist, the best part of the visit is that after you get turned into a hedgehog, they cover you up with a blanket, put a heat lamp near your feet, and leave you alone for 1/2 hour. All alone. Lying down. For 1/2 hour. Did I mention you're alone? And lying down? My acupuncturist has this wonderful blanket--it's this buttery yellow and it's woven and thick and heavy and I LOVE this blanket.

Her: Would you like the blanket today?
Me: Oh yes! I LOVE this blanket. If this blanket goes missing one day, do not ask me about it and do not check in my car.
Her: Have I mentioned Guido?

Who knew holistic healer types could be entertaining too?


Jessica said...

Well, sounds like a well-rounded person to me (wink).

Anonymous said...

Bitch or Buddah? As a Scorpio, I'm sure you're just showing that you have the best of both...

Anonymous said...

BTW--I covet the blanket...

trisha said...

I am too tired to make a witty, interesting or thoughtful comment.

Will you please pretend I did?

Psycho Kitty said...

Hey! "The mind of a bitch, the stomach of a buddha." I think that's as close as I'm getting.

Jessica--I like the way you think.
Chica--Well, if I do steal the blanket, you know I'm going to stash it at your house until the smoke clears.
Trisha--You should know you have a free pass around here, no wit required.