Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Bandwagon

Yeah, yeah, I know ... everyone's done this already. Is that Gillian Anderson? I used to be in love with David Duchovny, when I was pregnant with the Boy and had plenty of hormones and an embarassing "X Files" habit. I have a long line of Fantasy Boyfriends, all of whom seem to be gay or married. Hmm. Well, as my friend the Fabulous J says, "No one's gay or married in Fantasy World." How true. Granted, I could go find a real boyfriend, but I don't think I'm ready for that barrel of monkeys yet.
Today, I had one of those moments when you miss an old friend, someone you haven't seen or talked with in years and years, one of those high school/college friends you gently parted ways with as you grew older and as your lives diverged. So, like any good stalker, I Googled her. I found an email address and an interview that her SO gave on Fresh Air last summer. It was a hoot to listen to, not least of all because he told some stories that I remember hearing from him in college. It was sort of like catching up via a really one-sided conversation. It would be great to hear from her, but we'll see. She is honestly the most brilliant person I know, and has the ability (which I totally respect) to not respond to an old friend just because they're an old friend, so she might choose to let this one go. But I honestly do miss her.

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