Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Oh, Holy Night

Nothing like having your kid walk into the room asking, "What's this thing?" and holding your vibrator. Ho ho ho-boy.


bitchphd said...

"It's a tickle machine, honey." Or, "it's a toy for grownups."

frog said...

And your answer was...?

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure out your acronym. Is it "She Bitch From Hell?"

Michelle Palmer

Psycho Kitty said...

I just said, "Oh, something you don't need to be playing around with at the moment." And I took it away and ushered back into his room where he and his "cousin" (read: the Chica's daughter) were playing. I think he's going through a full moon thing or something--the day before that he wanted to get a good look at my breasts, and right after this incident he flashed his cousin. Hmm.
And of course, 5 minutes later he wanted me to open the door to my room so that he and his cousin could "look for something we need from your room." Riiight.
The 2 things that flashed into my head were that scene from "Parenthood" and Dr. B.'s old post about what to do when the kids find the sex toys. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the vibrator's the most exciting thing I've got at the moment. Damn it.

Psycho Kitty said...

Oh, and for those who are as paranoid as I am--I'm as sure as I can be that this little burst of behavior isn't the result of something inappropriate happening to him. I had a psycho/pervert stepfather; I keep a damned close eye on those things. I think he's just 5, and we're very open about the human body and so forth, and he goes through the curious/adventurous phases every now and then.