Thursday, November 04, 2004

Happy SBFH Day ...

... to me. Although I would prefer to be celebrating a new administration on my birthday, starting to plot the resistance over a few large bottles of sake will have to do. Officially it isn't my birthday here yet, but technically, I wasn't born here; might as well take advantage of the fact. Day off from the editing mill, first acupuncture session (I've got such a crink in my qi), afternoon with the kiddos, dinner and sake with C and J. And more obsessive blog reading tossed in for good measure, no doubt. I realize, surprisingly, that I'm actually looking forward to the approach to 40--not quite there yet, but who's counting? For a moment yesterday I couldn't remember how old I was going to be. I would mark that up to my general post-election malaise, but it isn't the first time. A bunch of numbers dreamed up by some dead Roman: bah.

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