Friday, November 26, 2004

Ignorance does NOT equal bliss

It equals a bunch of knocked-up teenagers. Profgrrrrl's 11/26 post does a lovely job of covering the Mad Cowboy's stupidass idea of funding sex-ed that teaches only abstinence, emphasis on the "only," God help us.
This week, I reviewed our school district's proposed junior high/high school sex ed curriculum. It's been revised to include abstinence as the "most strongly encouraged" method (guess why? Public outcry last year when the district wouldn't agree to teach ONLY abstinence, agh), but it still includes a full discussion of contraception, STDs, and emotional/social aspects of sexual relationships; all in all, it looks pretty good from what I can see. I am fine with encouraging kids to wait if the way you're encouraging them is (as Profgrrrrl described her mom doing) by giving them the facts about what's involved in being sexually active. The whole Puritan Hangover in this country gives me a headache, though. Especially when so many people get so holy about sex and abortion but god forbid we should educate kids about the natural act of reproduction! Or do anything about violence against women--no, let's make a requirement that women's shelters have to RECORD THE WOMEN'S PERSONAL DATA (you know, so that they're abusive husbands can track them down). Fine Janet Jackson's boob but show 50 murders a day as entertainment.
Wow, I'm starting to foam at the mouth. Time for a deep breath, more coffee, putting up the Christmas tree, and making a plan about what I might be able to do this week to work toward the good--maybe volunteer for Planned Parenthood.


Anonymous said...

That was exactly my reaction! (volunteering for PPFA, that is.) And it only gets better: the appropriations bill passed by Congress a few days ago included an amendment, oxymoronically named the "Abortion Non-Discrimination Act," which allows health care organizations (and here I'm quoting from PPFA) "to refuse to comply with existing federal, state, or local laws pertaining to abortion... The bill allows any health care entity, religious or otherwise, to refuse to provide a much-needed reproductive health care service. Moreover, this bill is not limited to the performance of abortion. It allows health care entities to refuse to provide information and referrals about abortion to pregnant women. A woman could walk into a doctor's office with questions on abortion and the doctor could refuse to answer them."


Psycho Kitty said...

Yeah, Laura (at Geeky Mom) and I had a discussion going about that. Sigh.