Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Quiet sobbing sound

Jill: Hey ya Joe, lookit that, it's time for George's review already.
Joe: Wow. Well, how's he been on the job? Do we keep him?
Jill: Let's see. Ummm...accounting. Er. Not so good there; we're pretty much in the hole. I think we're going to have to pawn the cats.
Joe: Ouch.
Jill: The neighbors are all pissed at us cause George has been playing his war too loudly..
Joe: Ah, I hate the neighbors anyway. Who needs 'em?
Jill: Ooh, and that Afghanistan project? Got off to a good start, but he's kinda dropped the ball there.
Joe: Yeah.
Jill: Plus, his buddy Dick just gives me the willies.
Joe: Well, can't argue with ya, Jill, but you know...dang. I just like the guy, you know? And his wife--well, she's just a sweetie. And I tell ya what else, he don't hold no truck with those gays and them pesky feminists!
Jill: Well, thank God for that!

Okay. Must be zen. Zen zen zen zen zen zen.
These are the kinds of days when my whole "I am the kind of Christian who doesn't believe that God likes war and prejudice and hatred and bigotry and zealotry but who believes that there's a purpose to all things" kind of ideology really takes a pounding.

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