Friday, November 19, 2004

I see the moon...

Conversation with the Girl:
G: "Mewn op, Mama!"
Me: "Yep, the moon is up. What does Papa call the moon?"
M: "..."
M: "La lune, sweetie."
G: "La lewn! Sawie, la lewn."

The Boy had a great idea during bedtime snack last night: "Hey Mama! We should write a story about me! And it could be just like "Farmer Boy"! And we could say how I ate my slimy cantelope and it was sooooo good!"

Tonight, he had a meltdown after art class. On the way home, after about 5 minutes of jaggy crying, he suddenly sobs, "And I don't even care that it's almost Christmas! I don't mind if I get a big gigantic chunk of coal! I don't even want Christmas! I won't even open my presents, even if I get them!"


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muse said...

Your last paragraphs... oh my, I understand so completely! That's exactly what I'm going through these days! (well, don't know about the details of your situation, haven't read all your archives yet, but the feelings, I mean...)

*big hugs*

By the way, you're showing an incredible amount of compassion, courage and common sense. Way to go girl! I can only wish to be half as strong!