Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Must. Get It. Together.

When you're laying in bed kicking yourself because you spent all evening procrastinating instead of doing what needs to be done...say, working, cleaning up, exercising, or generally getting your crap together...and you hear your cat doing a pretty good impression of "Cat Chasing Mouse Through Filthy House", you really, REALLY tell yourself that tomorrow, you are going to get it together.
But of course in the morning, the Cat is doing that Cozy Cat thing and it's cold outside and 5:00 is sooo early and...
At least I got up. An hour late, but early enough to work out and clean up the kitchen. The Then-Husband will be bringing the Girl over a little after 8, so I have almost 2 hours to establish some semblance of order around here before we head out to vote. Please God please God please God...Last night the Boy promised me that he "isn't going to vote for George Washington." That's my boy! He said he'd vote for the guy on the other side. Which prompted me to ask him if that was the left side or the right side, and he said the right side. Ah well, he's only 5, he can be redeemed.

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